Helmut Marko has confirmed that Max Verstappen is fit to fight for the championship in the next race in Hungary.

Verstappen suffered a 51G accident after Lewis Hamilton hit the Dutchman’s right rear tire sending him into the barriers at Copse. This accident was terrifying and has also been an expensive affair for the Milton Keynes-based team.

The approximate cost of the damage is said to be $1.8m, which includes a new chassis and potentially a new power unit. Marko has suggested that Verstappen could require a new power unit in the case of damage. He also highlighted the potential consequence of a grid penalty for the Dutchman.

“It costs about 750,000 to build a new chassis because the old one is destroyed. In addition, the accident engine is in Japan at Honda.

“They cannot yet say whether it can be used again after the violent impact. If not, there could still be grid penalties for us.”

While the incident in Silverstone has proven costly for the team, Marko has stated that Verstappen is fully fit and will be ready to increase his championship advantage over Hamilton in Hungary.

“I was afraid that after the violent accident it would take a little longer for Max to be fully fit again.”

“That’s why this is good news. In Hungary, he will fight back with fair means. There are no thoughts of revenge.”

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