Sainz admits McLaren is very difficult to pass

Carlos Sainz Jr. exiting his Ferrari after the race in Silverstone. 2021 Credits: Twitter (@ScuderiaFerrari)

Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz Jr., thinks McLaren is exceptionally hard to overtake, especially because of its straight-line speed.

Sainz was in an intense fight with Daniel Ricciardo for P5 in Silverstone. The Spaniard had initially managed to overcut Ricciardo and maintained a strong pace in clean air. However, a slow pitstop from Ferrari allowed Ricciardo to regain his lost position.

Sainz explained that once he was on the hard tire compound the dirty air from the Australian’s MCL35M prevented him from getting into P5.

“Yeah, unfortunately, we were a step behind Ricciardo the whole race. First on the medium, then we actually managed to overcut him with a very strong pace during the cleaner laps but unfortunately, after the slow pitstop I had to go behind him again”

“On the hard tire it was even more difficult to overtake him because it just felt like the hard tire in the high speed could not take the load of the dirty air and I was understeering a lot more, and I couldn’t keep up with him in the high speed.

“Even though I had DRS I wasn’t close enough to him to try to get him.”

Sainz reminisced on his battle with the McLaren and believes that they are the toughest to overtake because of their car. He said that they possess a lethal combination of straight-line speed and power on the corner exit. This, according to Sainz, makes them very difficult to overtake.

“Unfortunately, it has happened to me now a few times that stuck behind a McLaren I am not able to pass.

“It’s not news, they have a very strong straight-line speed, very strong deployment and power on exit of corners and it is probably one of the most difficult cars to overtake.”

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