George Russell felt discouraged after the Silverstone GP due to the high numbers of penalties that the FIA is giving in the last period.

George was one of the drivers that received yet another penalty in the last few races. He got it at Silverstone after touching Carlos Sainz and making him go wide on the first lap of the Sprint Qualifying.

The British driver did not understand the penalty, and in his opinion, it was not an incident that should have been penalized. However, he respects the decision of the stewards.

 “I thought it was a little bit hard,” he said.“It was one of those first-lap incidents. A lot was going on. I had a little, small lock-up. There was nothing malicious there, I wasn’t trying to squeeze him or do anything. And I think if it was any other corner he’d have just carried, potentially even in front of me.

“We’re told that the consequence of an action is never taken into consideration. It felt like in this instance it was. But I respect the decision, at the end of the day they’re the rule-makers so we’ve got to stand by their views.”

Not only in Silverstone, but also in Austria a lot of penalties were given. If this pattern continues, George thinks that the drivers will not fight a lot on track and the show could be damaged.

“‘Rubbing’s racing’ as they say. I think it’s good for the fans and even for the drivers to have close, hard racing.

“When there are so many penalties being dished out it does change the views of the drivers slightly of how you approach it. Nobody wants to just sit there and everybody be cautious because it won’t be entertaining for anyone.”

Russell feels that in the last few events the number of penalties has been too high, and as director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association he would like to understand why this is happening.

“None of us want to see penalties dished out week in, week out,” he said. “We need to understand their views on this. It’s always fine margins between whether it’s a penalty or not. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that these last two races there’s been more than normal.”

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