Williams CEO Jost Capito ensured that the team is not looking to employ pay drivers for the 2022 season, stating that they are looking towards quality, now that Williams has crawled itself out of a financial crisis after the Dorilton takeover.

There are many possible candidates to replace the likely outgoing George Russell, with Capito himself confirming that Aston Martin reserve driver Nico Hulkenberg to be one such candidate. Capito also said that the list of potential candidates is long.

“The increase in interest is mainly due to the good steps we have taken recently. We have sufficient financial resources and that is well known in the racing world. Also, we continue to work hard according to the route taken and we hope to make Williams an even more attractive destination for pilots than it already is,” Capito said.

“We need someone who can take the team back to the top, who supports the team and who can lead the team. Right now we are seeing an increase in interest in Williams and that can only be positive.”

Despite the progress made in the 2021 season, Capito has warned that Williams is looking for patient drivers as he claims that the team is still under the process of reconstruction. According to Capito, Williams has grown and the economic situation in which they currently find themselves in means they do not have to resort to pay drivers after a long time.

“We want to have the best possible drivers, but only drivers who are interested in driving for Williams and know what is being asked of this team. A driver who wants to be world champion next year will surely not kill us. He will really be on the wrong team,” Capito added.

“At the moment, we are not excluding any pilot available for next year. Nico[Hulkenberg] is available and we do not rule him out, although I have to say that our list of possible pilots is very long.”

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