Sprint Qualifying needs to be “more spicy” – Alonso

Image Credits: Alpine F1 team

Fernando Alonso believes the session which decides the Sprint Qualifying grid needs to be spiced up.

Alonso was the standout driver from the first-ever trial of the Sprint Qualifying weekend. Rising from 11th to fifth on the first lap, which he described as one of the best of his life. The Alpine driver believes the Friday qualifying session could be spiced up even more if certain restrictions were put on the drivers and teams.

“I like the format, I think we have action three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” he said. “So it’s good for the people. I hope we can keep this format. And if anything, I will suggest Fridays could be spicier as well. You know, like having one set of tires and one attempt for everybody, it gives the same chances for all of us.”

“It’s not an unfair qualifying or reverses order or anything like that, that I understand can be unfair. But if we give one set of tires and one chance for all of us, it’s the same for everybody.”

Alonso finished the main event in seventh, to give him 6 World Championship points ahead of Hungary, where recent history suggests he will be very strong.

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