Lando Norris admitted that the environment inside the team has changed a lot throughout these years also due to new sponsor interest.

In 2017, Lando joined the McLaren driver program and debuted for the official team in 2019 alongside Carlos Sainz. In that period, Zak Brown replaced Ron Donnis as CEO, while Andreas Seidl became the new Team Principal.

Since then, many new sponsors have joined McLaren also thanks to the esport program, of which Lando Norris himself is part. The new world of video games allowed McLaren to reach sponsors that are not usually part of Formula 1 or motorsports in general.

“I think [our] partners and sponsors, a lot of them are also from the esports side of it and computing side and not just to do with the racecar itself,” said Norris. “A lot of our partners like getting involved because of these types of things.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff online, like with Coca-Cola and Dell playing on it and driving with them and giving that experience of driving around different tracks and driving a race car. It is very different.

“Five years ago, I [don’t] think there was more than like four logos on the whole car and now the car’s full of them. Although it’s changed a lot, I think it’s all changed for the better.”

Norris said that McLaren is doing very well and they are on the right path, adding that he is happy to be part of all that.

“We’re on a good trajectory just as a Formula 1 team and McLaren all together as a company,” he said. “So it’s cool to be just part of that.

“Part of that is then also the esports side of it. It’s another sector that’s growing massively and partners love being involved in it because it is growing so much. So it’s good for everyone. It’s just enjoyable to kind of spend time with these people, meet different people through it, and so on.”

To conclude, Norris said that all the changes that have been made so far are positive.

“There’s been a lot of changes from back five, six years ago when I went for my first time going to go meet Ron,” he said.

“I think it’s now a lot more lively, a lot more enthusiastic, more motivated, and things like that. It’s all changed, but for all the good reasons.”

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