Formula 1 was set to introduce a rule to slow the pitstop down in Hungary, but it decided to wait until the end of summer break, and Andreas Seidl supported the idea.

To enhance the safety of both the team and the driver, Formula 1 informed the ten outfits that, starting from the Hungarian GP, the pit stop time would be slowed down to make everything safer.

However, after the sudden decision to introduce the new rule, Formula 1 decided to wait and give more time to the teams to practice and adapt to the new pit stop, delaying the new regulation by one month.

“It was a good, constructive discussion between teams and the FIA,” said Seidl. “And in the end, due to the special situation that we are in also with Covid – that it is not so easy to go back to the factories at the moment and train together with the crew all the changes that were in the TD initially – I think it made sense, in the end, to delay it and use the long break and give every team more time to be prepared for the change.”

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