Seidl thinks Sprint Qualifying should be held at special tracks

Andreas Seidl believes that Sprint Qualifying should not become a standard session and can take place only at specific tracks.

Sprint Qualifying has made its debut at last weekend’s British GP and it left no one indifferent. McLaren team principal Seidl likes the idea of testing the new concept, but thinks that Formula 1 should stick to it only at certain race tracks.

“It is good that we have these trials now this year for three weekends,” he said.

“I think it is good also to take our time together with the fans and our partners and all teams, with Formula 1, with the FIA, to analyze exactly how this weekend went and then make conclusions based on that.

“I think that is just an initial view, I think it is a good idea to only use it for specific event and tracks for a different format.

“I don’t see, for example, it being the standard for all weekends.”

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