Ricciardo got over frustration with his performance

Despite a rough start to the season, Daniel Ricciardo admits that he is finally getting comfortable in his MCL35M, especially after his performance at Silverstone.

Ricciardo finished in P5 at Silverstone and has confessed to feeling more comfortable ever since. His fight for P5 was certainly not made easy by Carlos Sainz who, according to Ricciardo, had more pace than the Australian in clear air. In the heat of the fight Ricciardo said that the Spaniard was forcing him to test the limits of his MCL35M in race trim. As a result, he felt the fight with Sainz was a contributing factor to his increased confidence in the car. 

“I think having Carlos actually at the end, or for most of the race, on me, and putting the pressure on me, kind of forced me in a way to overdrive some corners.

“And I think it allowed me to feel a little more where where that edge is. That’s definitely the encouraging thing. I know in clear air Carlos was definitely quicker, but to get a top five when I’m still like this, it is encouraging.”

Ricciardo has admitted to struggling in the season and is hoping to overcome his difficulties one step at a time, without panicking. Ricciardo’s maturity is coming to light in the way he is reacting to his situations at McLaren.

“It’s still definitely at times frustrating. But I’m probably past the point of being frustrated, I think now it’s kind of a reality that I’m still needing to find some more and just be at one with the car. That’s probably the best way to put it.

“So I guess it’s not anything new for me now. I know and I’m aware that it’s probably still gonna be a process.”

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