Ocon believes car issues have been fixed

Esteban Ocon races during the FIA Formula One World Championship 2021 in Spielberg, Austria on July 3, 2021 // Red Bull Content Pool.

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon admitted that he believes his issues with the Alpine car are solved after the new set of major changes were implemented for the British Grand Prix, which included a chassis change.

Prior to the chassis change, Ocon struggled for three races and failed to escape Q1 every single time. At Silverstone, he was one-tenth of a second behind teammate Fernando Alonso in qualifying and finished behind the two-time F1 world champion on Sunday in P9.

“Looking at the last three races, we were completely out of where the car was performing,” Ocon commented. “We were a lot slower than the other side of the garage and the car was always capable of being in Q3 or just, that’s where we were supposed to be fighting, and that’s what we’ve done this weekend.”

Ocon did not go into detail regarding the changes but has said that the new changes have improved the handling and boosted the overall pace of the car, something he was happy with.

 “It’s not only a chassis change that we’ve done, there were a lot of other things and other parts that we changed,” Ocon explained. “We spotted something and we questioned if that could be the reason. The only thing I care about is that I feel good now and as soon as we put the car [on track] in practice one, it was competitive like it should be.”

Ocon was optimistic about his performance at Silverstone and set his sights on putting out a more consistent performance for the rest of the season, especially during qualifying.

“The first run of Q2 I was inside the top 10. There was a messy last run in Q2 run two with a lot of traffic and overtaking in the last corner before starting the lap. But otherwise, we could have been in Q3,” Ocon added while talking about his most recent qualifying.

“That hasn’t been the case for a long time so I’m pretty sure we’ve spotted what was wrong, and hopefully we can continue that run of scoring points like we were doing in the beginning of the year.”

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