Mercedes have said they made sure Max Verstappen was ok before celebrating their British Grand Prix win.

Red Bull was highly critical of the way Mercedes celebrated their British Grand Prix win, accusing them of celebrating while a driver’s condition was unknown. Mercedes have refuted this fact, saying they got confirmation from both Red Bull and the FIA that Verstappen was all ok.

“We had the feedback from senior management of Red Bull that Max was fine,” Toto Wolff said. “Christian mentioned it to Michael Masi on the intercom that he’s unharmed and fine, and the FIA gave us similar feedback.”

“So at no point would we have celebrated if Max would have been injured. And I think that’s very important to understand. Lewis asked, even in the car as he was passing the accident, whether he was out of the car.”

“He got the response that he was out of the car himself.”

The title gap is now only eight points as Formula 1 heads to Hungary, a track that suits Red Bull but is one of Hamilton’s favorites, with McLaren and Ferrari potentially being strong as well.

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