After the collision on the first lap with Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton did a similar move on Charles Leclerc while battling for the lead. The two did not crash, and Christian Horner believes that Lewis was very lucky not to hit the Ferrari driver.

Lewis risked retiring after the crash but thanks to the red flag his mechanics managed to fix the car. Plus, the FIA gave him a ten seconds penalty, but the Briton still managed to catch Leclerc, who was leading the race. As soon as he got to him, Hamilton did not hesitate and tried the same move that he did on Max. The second time around though, he did not touch his rival and won the race.

After the chequered flag, when Verstappen was still in the hospital, Hamilton celebrated the win and Red Bull did not like that.

“I can’t see how Lewis can take any satisfaction out of a win when you have put your fellow competitor and driver in hospital,” said Horner. “It’s disappointing, it’s extremely annoying.

“He was lucky enough to not have the same accident with Leclerc. If Leclerc had not gone wide and tried to take the line he tried to, the same incident would have prevailed.”

Horner also added that Lewis was very aggressive on Sunday since he did not manage to retake the lead of the race right after the start like Verstappen did on Saturday, during the Sprint Qualifying.

“I think he knew exactly that,” said Horner. “I think he would wound up after Saturday’s result. You could see that on Saturday. I think that that the atmosphere, the crowd, and everything he was fully motivated.

“He just made a massive misjudgment. He got a penalty for it, but it’s fairly meaningless, and that was his only opportunity.

“Had Max come through that corner he might not have seen him again for the rest of the afternoon. For me, it was a desperate move that thankfully didn’t have worse consequences than a written-off car and a bruised and battered driver.”

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