Formula 1 Managing Director Ross Brawn admitted that Formula 1 will be considering awarding more points during future Sprint Qualifying races, should they return after the 2021 season.

Brawn himself found the new format to be a success and said that he was pleased. He also added that there were originally plans to award points proportional to that of a typical Grand Prix race for Sprint Qualifying.

“If I’m honest, we started with more points and we arrived at the points we have now because we were a little concerned if the sprint ended up deciding the championship if it was late in the year,” Brawn admitted.

“I wouldn’t say it’s locked in at the moment. It’s certainly locked in for this year. But I think if we go forward with this, that will definitely be on the points to discuss whether we should make it more attractive, to score more points.”

This format meant cars ran set-ups which were decided on Friday after FP1, with cars being in parc ferme conditions a day earlier, with teams using FP2 on Saturday for race day on Sunday.

 “On FP2, perhaps some of the slight frustration is because it’s parc ferme they can’t do anything to the cars,” Brawn commented.

“So I think that would be a point that we could discuss with the teams and the FIA as a future tweak. In my mind, we should have FP2, and there was plenty of running going on. It gave the fans some engagement and they saw cars running around.”

The next Grand Prix to witness Sprint Qualifying is the Italian Grand Prix, at Monza, where Brawn suggested the format will remain virtually unchanged.

“You could look at one or two things, but I don’t think there’ll be major,” Brawn added. “What we don’t want is to change the format of the weekend, that means the fans have to readjust to it because we certainly don’t want that.

“We had some fabulous battles. They were short and sharp. The teams didn’t have a say in what happened in the race because it was just down to the drivers. So there was no strategy, no pit stops. I give it a vote of success and certainly a good platform for something in the future.”

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