From zero points in France to almost winning in Silverstone, Mattia Binotto is supremely happy with Ferrari’s turnaround.

In just ten races, Ferrari have outscored their 2020 total by almost 20 points, with two pole positions on the board in Monaco and Baku thanks to Charles Leclerc. Had he not crashed in qualifying in Monaco, ruining his gearbox, he could have won the race, and in Silverstone, he was passed for the lead with just two laps left.

This result, along with the 68 points and Monaco podium scored by Carlos Sainz, has pleased Binotto, especially their resurgence after a truly dismal weekend at Paul Ricard in France last month.

“I think obviously it was disappointing to lose the win,” Binotto said. “I think we should be pleased as well: pleased with the race performance, for the entire weekend performance.”

“After France as well I think the team results, we somehow understood the weaknesses and now this is three races in a row where we have had good pace in the race, which was a weakness at the start of the season.”

“I won’t go into the details, but we certainly worked a lot in the simulator with simulations, with the drivers, with the team, trying to get a better understanding of what’s wrong, how to address it – and I think this is what I’m happy and pleased, to see the progress.”

Hungary is a tight and twisty track, much like Monaco, so a strong Ferrari performance cannot be ruled out when Formula 1 returns next weekend.

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