Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff have maintained a good relationship. However, after the turn 1 incident at Silverstone, the Dutchman has revealed his anger towards Mercedes.

Max Verstappen was on the receiving end of a shunt caused by Lewis Hamilton’s W12 on Sunday. Max is now fine and well but was suffering from breathlessness after slamming into the barriers. Verstappen’s father said: “Max is doing well so far, he’s ok. It was an extremely hard impact, Max was breathless. That’s why he deliberately didn’t want to say anything at the beginning in order to catch his breath first.”

Hamilton, despite the ten-second time penalty, went on to win the Grand Prix. This saw quite an exquisite celebration by the Briton with him waving his flag and running up near the stands to thank his fans.

Post-race, it was revealed to Hamilton that his competitor had been taken to the hospital. The Briton was quick to share his sympathies while also saying he would call the Dutchman and speak to him regarding the incident.

Jos Verstappen has now spoken out about Hamilton’s extravagant celebration and his broken promise to Max.

“You don’t celebrate your victory with such euphoria if your colleague is still in the hospital. And as for Wolff, we’ve had a good relationship for years, he kept calling and flattering us. I think everyone knows why.

“He didn’t contact us yesterday. Now he no longer needs to call.”

Jos Verstappen went on to explain the accident from his perspective disclosing that Hamilton should have yielded and had space to his right.

“Max owned the corner. Lewis accepted there would be a collision in a very fast and dangerous corner. He should have left more space. That’s what he did later with Charles Leclerc at the same spot.”

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