Ross Brawn admits that Formula 1 is ready and open to making adjustments for Sprint Qualifying format.

Formula 1 made history last weekend with the inaugural Sprint Qualifying event at the British GP. Points were awarded to the top 3 finishing driver – three for the winner, two for the second place, and one for the third place. The sport’s managing director Brawn believes that this system will avoid any controversy at the end of the season. At the same time, the system can be changed.

“We started with more points and we arrived at the points we have now because we were a little concerned if the sprint ended up deciding the championship, late in the year,” he told RacingNews365.

“So if you had 10 points for the sprint… our initial proposal was a third because there’s a third of a race so we’d offer a third of the points. But I think that’s something that can be discussed. I wouldn’t say it is locked in at the moment, it’s certainly locked in for this year. But I think, if we go forward with this, there will definitely be on the points to discuss whether we should make it more attractive to score more points. But that’s an open one for the future.”

Another point that requires corrections is the FP2 sessions as the teams cannot change the settings due to parc ferme rules. Brown believes that they can find solutions to it as well.

“On FP2, perhaps some of the slight frustration is because it’s parc ferme and they can’t do anything to the cars so I think that would be a point that we could discuss with the teams and the FIA as a future tweak,” he added.

“So, in my mind, we should have FP2, there was plenty of running going on. It gave the fans some engagement and they saw cars running around. I think the teams when they look back on it, will have found it a very useful period, and I think everyone needs to reflect a bit on the weekend. We can sit there with the teams and the FIA and decide what bits need tweaking.”

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