Toto Wolff defends Lewis Hamilton after the controversial moment at the start of the British GP.

The first-lap incident between Verstappen and Hamilton caused a lot of speculations in the paddock. Mercedes’ team principal Wolff also shared his thoughts – he supported his driver and believed that the Briton should not have had a penalty.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you have to respect it. The first half lap was hard, but Lewis was beyond the center of the car. Then the corner belongs to him. That is just a rule and you can read it, there are even drawings of it. If you dive into it together, there may only be one driver left,” he told ORF.

“The stewards handed out a penalty and we have to accept that. I think if you look at the rules the penalty wasn’t justified. I think the 10 seconds was because the race committee felt they both made a mistake or had a part in the crash. That’s ok, I respect that.

“Lewis is someone who doesn’t drive aggressively and drive others off the track. He has shown that in the past as well.”

At the same time, he was delighted to see that the Dutchman was fine after the crash and admitted that the crash was hard racing.

“Yes, that’s the most important thing in this situation. We saw two drivers fighting for every centimeter. It looks ugly, but that’s part of racing. It’s hard, that’s all I can say about it,” Wolff commented.

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