Lewis Hamilton has said winning the first Formula 1 race back with a full crowd is “a dream”, after taking his eighth British GP win.

After the early accident with Max Verstappen, and the subsequent penalty, all chances of winning looked over for Hamilton. Despite this, with more pace than Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, he took the lead with two laps left to run, something which he said was difficult to do.

“This is a dream for me to do it in front of all the fans,” he said. “Couldn’t have done it with the good work from Valtteri and efforts from the team.”

Hamilton said on his battle with Verstappen on lap one, that he was trying to be measured in his approach, and Verstappen is a naturally aggressive driver.

“It is tough, I think, you know, I have been giving my all this week, and I’m so proud of everyone for just continuing to work. Of course, always trying to be measured on how I approach, particularly battling with Max, he’s very aggressive. And today I was fully alongside him, and he didn’t let me space so. But, regardless of the penalty, I keep working and I’ll never let anything be in the way.”

Hamilton now trails Verstappen but just seven points ahead of the Hungarian round, which is a favorite of the Brit.

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