Ricciardo thinks Hamilton “went in too hot” in incident with Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo at the British GP. Credits: Reddit.

Daniel Ricciardo believes that Lewis Hamilton has been too aggressive in the lap 1 incident with Max Verstappen.

It goes without saying that the key moment of the British GP was the big collision between championship rivals Hamilton and Verstappen. The Dutchman suffered a 51G impact and was sent to the hospital for further checks. After the race, Verstappen’s former teammate Ricciardo shared his thoughts about the incident.

“It was certainly a nasty outcome. It’s obviously at high speed, it doesn’t take much to have a big one like that,” he told RaceFans.

“When you’re in such a high-speed corner and just side-by-side, you’re both going to lose aero, particularly Lewis there with Max kind of in a little bit of dirty air. But I think they were both going in hot,” he added.

“Ultimately Lewis went in too hot for the for the given level of grip and that’s where you see [he] just drifted up into Max. Completely unintentional, but just the nature of the aero on these cars and [you] just have to allow a little more, but I’m certainly not going to sit here and judge and say he should have done that or that.

“But the thing is Max is okay. And to be honest, it’s a bit like yesterday with George [Russell] and Carlos [Sainz Jnr] – it’s the first lap, we’ve got still a bit cold tires, high fuel, things happen and it is racing. But yes, certainly I feel for Max,” Ricciardo concluded.

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