Fernando Alonso continues his point finish streak in Silverstone, adding that the team and himself made a huge step forward race pace-wise.

Alonso struggled at the start of the season but he is now performing incredibly well at every race weekend. He did so in Silverstone too, where he managed to finish in P7.

“Our best result was Baku, P6, but it was a strange race – so today P7 was probably our strongest weekend on race pace,” reflected the Spaniard. “And happy for that. Difficult race for tire management with blister concerns, and yes, we managed quite well and we delivered a good result, I think.”

Alonso did not gain any position since the start of the Grand Prix, but keeping the seventh position was not easy at all. He admitted that defending from the drivers behind was challenging but the hard work paid off.

“Yes, very busy. We never have an easy race, you know? We are always in different battles and different times of the race, but I think [we had] a strong weekend, we have been in the points for the last four or five races.”

After not feeling completely fine with the car in the first part of the season, Alonso has now more confidence, and he feels more like a “racer”.

“I think I am feeling better, and I am feeling more of a racer now,” he said. “The first couple of weekends, Bahrain, and Imola, it was again everything starting from zero and very cautious on many things and trying not to make mistakes for the team, etcetera – but now I have more confidence in the car, and I can use my instinct a little bit more.”

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