During the Sprint Qualifying, Fernando Alonso was waving on the straights and defending very hard from his rivals, and they did not like that. However, Alonso said that he does not care and he will keep doing it.

While Alonso was defending from Lando Norris, the latter asked his team to report to the FIA that the Spaniard was moving too much both on the straights and under braking. Doing those movements is not allowed by the regulations.

Despite that, Alonso said that he does not think he was defending too hard or that his driving style was going against the rules.

“I was surprised,” Alonso says. “I never move under braking. I was moving at the beginning of the straight.

“But I don’t care, to be honest. I have been on the other side, for now, nine races. It’s going to be the same for the remainder of the year. I will be on the dark side this time.”

Alonso also said that his aggressive first lap with the soft tires was incredible. He also added that he took some risks, and he would not have done it if he was fighting for the title. However, he can take more risks, and he did.

“I think the first lap was one of my best,” says Alonso. “I know there are a lot of first laps before now that are considered good ones – especially in the Renault days with very good starts – but this one was not only the start into turn one, it was turn three, turn four, six, nine. So it was a more complete lap.

“I guess if you are fighting for the championship, I will not make those maneuvers because there is more to lose than to gain. But we are in a position that we can take maybe more risk and benefit also from the red tires’ first lap performance.

“We were maybe a little bit out of position because we were not the fifth-quickest out there and then we had to fight a little bit with the McLarens. Then we gave up the fight, in a way, because they were too fast and we concentrated with Sebastian and P7 is better than P11, which is what we achieved yesterday.”

Finally, Alonso admitted that despite the good performance on Saturday, the Grand Prix on Sunday will be different, and it is not going to be easy for Alpine to score points.

“I think it’s going to be a long race,” he said. “Feet on the ground, we still have a very long race in front of us – fast cars behind us. We have the Ferrari, we have Sebastian [Vettel], we have Checo [Sergio Perez]. So the points would be hard to take anyway.”

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