Max Verstappen admits that he is happy and excited to win the Sprint Qualifying as well as pole position for the British GP.

The championship leader has written his name in the history book as the winner of the inaugural Formula 1 Sprint Qualifying after a brilliant start. After the race, the Dutchman shared his thoughts and feelings about the result.

“We had a good start and then we tried to do our own pace but we were pushing each other a lot because the tires were blistering a lot in the end. Nevertheless, happy to get the three points, it’s funny to be here and hear “you stole the pole position” but yeah, excited for tomorrow,” Verstappen said.

The tires were a concern during the final laps. Verstappen supposed that the attacking approach from the very start increased the tire wear.

“We start the race on lower fuel and we really push these cars through the fast corners lap after lap, so it’s hard on the tires. It’s the same for everyone, we have to deal with it,” he added.

In the end, he was confident about tomorrow’s chances even despite no changes to the car would be allowed.

“I think we have quick components to we have to make sure we do the same tomorrow. You cannot make any changes and we’ll have to deal with it. I think we can have a really strong race,” Verstappen concluded.

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