Team, driver could argue over Sprint Qualifying approach – Hill

Kimi Raikkonen in the pit-lane ahead of Charles Leclerc, and Antonio Giovinazzi. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN.

Damon Hill said that the team and the driver could have some issues while deciding how to approach the Sprint Qualifying at Silverstone.

The short race held on Saturday will determine the starting grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday. Moreover, the top three will also score some points (1st, 3 points, 2nd, 2 points, 3rd, 1 point). Thus, there could be some fighting between driver and team while deciding whether to attack or defend and be more conservative.

Probably the race will not be so exciting because everyone will be conservative since the team will ask to think more about the race on Sunday. However, Hill pointed out that when a driver puts the helmet on, the only thing he wants to do is push.

“I think the guys further down may well do because if you can grab a few places at the start, then you might get to hang on to those for the rest,” Hill told Sky Sports F1.

“Don’t forget, this is not like a normal race, it doesn’t have a strategy beyond 17 laps. That’s it. You don’t need to think about the long term there. So, I think it’d be people taking chances.”

“The trouble is, at the start, how aggressive do you want to be? It’s a little bit like if you’re playing [golf], do you play a half a seven iron into the green, or do you go for the full shot with an eight iron, and that’s the thing. If you’ve gone for the half shot, you’re more likely to duff it.”

Speaking of the strategy, it will be crucial to choose the correct compound of tire for the Sprint Qualifying. The teams have a free choice so there could be some different strategies. Damon Hill believes that the tire chosen for the start will be very important for the outcome of Saturday’s short race.

“It’s a great test session for the race, it’s about the same time of day, track temperature-wise and everything, so they’ve got a lot in and I was surprised how many laps they did do,” he said.

“I think this is it. This is something new for them but then don’t forget this could be a bit like karting for them, they used to do heats, and you have to get through the heat, and the heats determined your grip position.

“So I think they used to this, they’re pretty adaptable and they will use their instincts to work it out.

“I think it’s going to be a fight between the driver and the team because I think the drivers don’t want to have their style cramped at all by too much strategic thinking.”

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