Lance Stroll thinks that Saturday’s Sprint Qualifying can be either entertaining or boring and it is quite difficult to predict that.

Saturday, July 17th is set to be a historic day for Formula 1 as the first-ever Sprint Qualifying event will take place at Silverstone. Everyone has a different opinion about it. So does Stroll, who supposes that Sprint Qualifying has equal chances of success and failure.

“There’s opportunity in the sprint race to gain a few positions and maybe lose a few positions. There’s some different things [to] the weekend that we haven’t really experienced before, and I think the sprint race could create a bit of a mixed-up grid for the main race. We’ll see. It could also just be really boring and change nothing,” he said.

The Aston Martin driver also believes that the strategy for Sunday’s race might be affected by fewer tire compounds available for the race weekend.

“Unfortunately, I think maybe with tires and stuff in the main race, it could be a little bit more straightforward for everyone in terms of strategy,” Stroll commented.

“So that might make the race on Sunday a bit dull. But we’ll just have to wait and see. I think it’s about trying it out.”

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