George Russell has been handed a 3-place penalty for tomorrow’s British GP race for causing a collision with Carlos Sainz.

The starting grid for Sunday’s race has been changed a bit after the latest stewards’ decision. The Williams driver Russell will start the race 12th after getting a 3-place penalty after causing a collision with Carlos Sainz on lap 1 of Sprint Qualifying.

“Car 63 and 55 approached turn 6 with Car 63 on the inside, in the middle of the track, and Car 55 on the outside. Car 63 locked the front brakes briefly and then understated towards the edge of the track at the exit of the turn and contacted Car 55, which was forced off the circuit and on to the grass. Car 63 is judged at fault for the incident,” mentioned in the statement.

Russell has also been given 1 penalty point, making

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