Nikita Mazepin thinks that making a reverse grid for sprint races in Formula 1 is not the right thing.

The Sprint Qualifying concept is a new thing for Formula 1, but this year’s rookies are quite familiar with sprint races thanks to Formula 2 experience. Mazepin admits that he sees both similarities and differences between F1 and F2 this weekend.

“It feels a little bit like F2 where I came from. I have great memories from F2 last year when I won my first race. So actually the weekend feels very similar,” he said.

“The free practice was slightly longer, but now we’re into qualifying and it’s the evening session. So loads of similarities and I have to say that I really like this environment.

“But you have to remember that here it’s a little bit different because we don’t get the top 10 reversed like we do in Formula 2. Maybe that is something that F1 could consider as well. But I don’t think it’s realistic.

“It’s slightly two different approaches there because you also get a lot less points [in sprint qualifying].”

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