Honda’s Toyoharu Tanabe says in a recent statement on Friday that Honda Racing is hopeful for a better outcome of Saturday during Sprint Qualifying after Red Bull Racing had a troubling qualifying yesterday.

Tanabe admits that there was some difficulty faced in tuning the chassis and engine in under an hour for qualifying, but he believes Honda and Red Bull will use the data collected to prepare for Sprint Qualifying and eventually race day.

“Today was a new experience for everyone,” Tanabe commented. “But in terms of the power unit, we made sure everything was running smoothly, although we saw that there were difficulties in tuning the chassis and engine in just one hour.”

Red Bull did not have a strong qualifying session with championship leader Max Verstappen only able to finish second behind Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, and Sergio Perez in fifth, behind Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. Silverstone, being a Mercedes stronghold, puts more pressure on Red Bull and Honda to finish on a high at the end of the weekend.

“Max was second fastest on behalf of Red Bull Racing, but very close to the fastest time, and Sergio finished in a solid fifth place, although he had a faster time that was disallowed,” Tanabe explained.

“To prepare for sprint qualifying, we will look at today’s data and simulate different scenarios that we can expect during the sprint race.”

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