Ferrari sees Sprint qualifying as one race with Grand Prix

Image Credits: Ferrari

Ferrari have said they are approaching the sprint qualifying as “one 400km race with a red flag”

Laurent Mekies has said they will decide how to approach the short race based on it only deciding the grid for Sunday.

“One way to look at it is that if you consider that this is simply the first stint of the race,” Mekies said. “So the way we look at it here is that if you look at sprint qualifying first race and you imagine you have instead of a 300-kilometer race as we normally do, you have a 400-kilometer race, but after the first 100 kilometers, it’s like if you have a red flag. Effectively, that’s what it is.”

“So it’s with that big picture in mind that we try to ponder our choices and say, look it’s 400 kilometers, there will be a red flag after 100 kilometers, how will we approach it and how much risk do you want to take in each phase of the race?”

“So there is still a fair bit of assessment on our side to decide where we want to go. Obviously, some of it is already conditioned by tire usage in FP1 some of it we will decide after the FP2 sessions. So it’s between running the soft or running the medium for the sprint qualifying.”

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