After criticisms from both current and former Formula 1 drivers such as Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 is reconsidering its decision to declare the winner of the Sprint Qualifying the polesitter.

Despite Lewis Hamilton topping qualifying yesterday, according to the new regulations, Max Verstappen is officially the polesitter after winning the Sprint Qualifying race, as opposed to the traditional assignment of the polesitter, which F1 Managing Director, Ross Brawn, said is a matter of discussion.

“He’s [Hamilton] got another opportunity tomorrow to think about his start, think about [how] he used his tires, think about how he approached it. Because if that had been the proper race today he would not have won it,” Brawn said, defending the Sprint Qualifying.

“Should Friday be the pole position? There are things, like that, that we will talk about and discuss with the FIA and the teams.”

Brawn also said that the nature of the new qualifying format allows for Hamilton to possibly catch up during the race, which Brawn claims wouldn’t have happened if today had been race day.

“He’s got a really strong insight. If that had been the proper race today he wouldn’t have won it,” Brawn explained. “I think we can’t be held back by history. We need to respect history but we must never be held back by history.”

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