Alonso “looking ahead to tomorrow” after solid Sprint Qualifying Race

Fernando Alonso before the Sprint Qualifying. Credits: Alpine on Twitter.

Fernando Alonso started the Sprint Qualifying in P11, but he had a marvelous start and went up to P5 in less than a lap. However, he lost positions from the McLarens, but he still enjoyed the short race.

Alonso had a very aggressive start, and he tried to maintain the fifth position as long as he could. However, both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo had more pace than him, and the Spaniard had to give up two positions.

Moreover, Alonso admitted that even though there were only 17 laps, the race felt way longer also because of the many fights he had to face.

“It was a very aggressive start, from 11th to 5th and then we were out of position. We were too slow and we had to let McLaren pass and focus on Vettel. For me, it was a marathon. In a normal time, we would start in 11th place.”

Fernando also pointed out that having a shorter race helped him and Alpine since they usually struggle with the long distance of a normal race.

“We have little energy. In these long circuits, we suffer a lot. On the straights we cannot defend ourselves, it is almost more efficient to let yourself go early because you end up in a loop,” he continued.

Compared to the start of the season, Alonso has now way more confidence inside the car, and he can attack more. That helped him a lot during the Sprint Qualifying, he admitted.

“They have been braking quite early in many races. In Baku, I passed Carlos and Gasly on the inside. We have more confidence in the first corner than our rivals. We tend to take more advantage of it. In the first corners, there was a lot of action. Then we were quite out of position and the red ones had a lot of degradation.”

“Looking ahead to tomorrow we will recover our position in this Q4, as I call it.”

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