After a disappointing qualifying session at Silverstone, Max Verstappen admitted that he could not perform the way he wanted and Red Bull needs “to look at ourselves”.

Verstappen was not completely happy about the car during qualifying, saying that he could not attack the corners the way he wanted since he suffered from understeer.

“I think the car itself was actually handling quite well but just a lot of understeer. I couldn’t attack any corners just waiting for the front to grip up,” he said.

Despite not being able to grab the first place, Verstappen is confident that his Red Bull will be competitive in the race, and that is important because it is when you are points.

“A weird feeling you go flat out and it doesn’t mean anything. We have a strong race car we just need to fix issues we had in qualifying but I am confident we can have a strong race.”

Lewis Hamilton took P1 by less than a tenth, meaning that the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull is very tight and the battle for the win will be interesting both tomorrow and on Sunday.

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