Verstappen hopes to improve qualifying performance in Silverstone

Image Credits: Red Bull

Max Verstappen has said he was disappointed he didn’t improve on his Q3 lap in Austria, something he wants to change in Britain.

One would expect two pole positions in two races would be something to be happy about. Well, Verstappen doesn’t think so, believing he left more on the table in both qualifying sessions at the Red Bull Ring. This is something he wants to fix in Silverstone this weekend.

“It’s always the little details – no big things you can improve. For example, I wasn’t happy with how qualifying went,” he said. “So, that is already where we have to work on again, and analyze again, which we did.”

“But also, set-up-wise, I’m always looking on things we can improve on the car in all different kind of areas. I cannot explain this in like a minute, there are a lot of things we have to look into.”

Verstappen leads the title by 32 points over Lewis Hamilton coming into Silverstone, after winning the last three races on the trot.

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