Yuki Tsunoda supposes that lack of time caused by going to the weighbridge is not the reason for getting eliminated from Q1.

The Friday qualifying did not go well for Tsunoda – he ended the day early in P16. The young Japanese thought that the weighbridge procedure he had had to pass cost him good result.

“I’d say the weighbridge f***** everything,” Tsunoda said.

“Just at the end it was really tight and I couldn’t do [a] proper cool-down lap. And also the last corners a lots of cars were waiting. I lost already three-tenths in the main straight, I almost regained the three tenths in the lap but [with] the loss I already have in sector one and main straight, and also I couldn’t do proper cool down lap… it’s just a shame.”

Tsunoda was also happy with how he felt in the car.

“Even [though] there was no perfect lap due to the traffic, I start to get used to it for the driving and I started to also feel the confidence. It feels like I got started now but it’s already finished in Q1.”

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