Ricciardo feels “a little frustrated” after qualifying 7th for Saturday

Daniel Ricciardo believes that he could have performed better at the British Grand Prix qualifying on Friday.

Ricciardo had a good opening day at the British GP – the Australian got to the Q3 in qualifying and had the 7th best time. However, he was still disappointed with the result.

“I mean overall definitely a better day. It was better,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“I’m a little frustrated because I feel like there was a little bit more. I think we had a bit more in the last run, and looking at the times I think Charles [Leclerc] was maybe half a tenth in front in P4 from memory, so I feel like honestly that was achievable.

“Looking at the last few qualifyings for sure, everyone will be like, ‘Oh this is a lot better’, and it is, but maybe that’s why I’m more frustrated because I feel like there was even more today. So I’m somewhat in the middle at the moment.”

The McLaren driver also shared his thoughts about the new race weekend format, admitting that he liked it.

“Today I’ve really enjoyed it. I actually really liked [having] just one practice, straight into quali,” Ricciardo commented.

“We had it a few times last year in Imola and I think Nurburgring because of weather and whatever, and it was cool. It kind of just makes you get on with it.

“Who knows what tomorrow is like with the practice then the Sprint Qualifying, but so far so good.”

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