Sergio Perez cannot wait to try the new format being introduced at Silverstone since he thinks it will be a great opportunity to do well.

Perez initially qualified in P4 on Friday but his time was then deleted due to track limits, dropping him to P5. However, he will attack since the first lap on Saturday to recover as many positions as possible.

“Yeah, I ran wide into [Turn] 15, so my lap was deleted,” Perez said. “A bit of a shame but those are the rules. I found a very different balance there at the end of Q3 unfortunately and I couldn’t get the most out of it in that lap.

“P4 would have been a bit better given that we have the Sprint race to make it up, but still there’s plenty to play for and it will be interesting to see what happens with the Sprint race. If we are able to make some good progress then we should be in a strong position.”

Perez struggled during the only free practice session on Friday, but on qualifying the car felt way better and he was happy with the progress that the team had done.

“Well I found a very different car this afternoon. This morning I did struggle a lot with the car and it just got better as the day progressed, so I think we did good set-up changes going into qualifying. So looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully we are able to extract everything.

“I think [the target is] just try to make progress and try to have a good strong position for the important race.”

Perez was not the only one who saw his lap time deleted as Sebastian Vettel exceeded the track limits in Q3. However, the deleted time was not his quickest, so he did not have many regrets.

“Well I mean it makes the Friday a bit more interesting,” Vettel said of qualifying after one practice session. “I think we had a decent session, obviously if you get to Q3 you don’t want to be 10th but we were 10th in the end so it’s a shame that we couldn’t really improve.

“I think the gaps are… it’s very tight. I was very happy with the laps in Q2 so maybe we could have got P9, but I think P9/P10 was realistically what we could get. So a bit of a shame we’re just lacking these one or two tenths to then make a big step and a a big leap forward.”

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