Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has revealed that there was a discussion over the elimination of DRS with the use of a low drag chassis in 2025.

The 2025 season is expected to see engine changes to cut costs. Horner shared a discussion point during a meeting in Austria over a possible change in the chassis concept. The new chassis would bring less drag and thus, would help cars be much more efficient in a straight line. This could potentially be the end of DRS.

Horner also stressed that the integration of the chassis with the engine would be extremely important as that would increase the car’s efficiency.

“What you can’t ignore is its integration with the chassis. This is assuming the chassis has a low-drag characteristic so effectively DRS won’t exist, they will be incredibly efficient cars on the straights.

“What will the tow effect be, how will that affect racing? What will be the recovery rate, potentially, with a bigger battery cell and so on? So there’s many [variables] that need to be fully looked at, but also the bigger picture of what is the right direction for Formula 1.

“I think there are elements of alignment that are close and I think there are other differing views that will get thrashed out over the coming weeks.”

Horner also mulled over F1’s goal of cutting costs. He explained that the cut costs with regards to the engine is currently their main objective.

“There are a few scenarios to look at but the most important factor was to focus on the costs.

“The cost of production, the cost of the materials of the engine to reduce the enormous burden that there is currently on the manufacturers and indeed, any engine manufacturer contemplating coming into Formula 1.

“The first thing that was missed with the current engine, the one thing that was never discussed, was what is that cost? Which is sensitive to all of those stakeholders. So I think that that is effective.

“Can that be done with the current engine, with the current architecture? Does it necessitate a new engine, does that need a new architecture and what does that look like? So there’s working groups that are going through that process at the moment. The target is still ’25, is ’26, however, more realistic.”

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