Latifi had problem with his car during qualifying

Nicholas Latifi (CDN) Williams Racing FW43B. British Grand Prix, Friday 16th July 2021. Silverstone, England. Credits: Williams.

Nicholas Latifi reveals that he has had an issue with his car, which cost him 0.6 seconds on straights.

Latifi qualified only 18th on Friday at Silverstone. Despite being that low in the timesheets, he admitted that the car was good.

“The car was feeling good. I could have done a slightly better lap, the car balance could have been slightly more in the window. But overall I was quite pleased actually,” he said.

However, the Canadian supposed that his car had had a problem, which did not allow him to comfortably get to Q2.

“I was happy because I felt it was a good lap, frustrated that it was very slow. I got out of the car and I saw why,” Latifi commented.

“I’m not sure why it is, what caused it, but I’m losing six-tenths in the straights. Just in the straights. So that’s easily Q2, even if I get some of that.

“We have to understand why. I felt that from the first lap in qualifying it just didn’t seem like I was getting as much top speed as I should have compared to practice.

“As soon as I finished the lap I [asked] was I pulling as much speed as I should have been into the corners. It just felt slower than it should be.

“I’m not going to start guessing what it was but I’m losing six tenths in the straights and that easily puts me into Q2 quite comfortably. So I’m very frustrated, obviously. But I think car set-up-wise, driving-wise, it was a decent job.”

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