With the new weekend format debuting this weekend at Silverstone, Toyoharu Tanabe admitted that both AlphaTauri and Red Bull will change their power unit usage if needed.

The reliability issues faced by Honda this season have not been much. Red Bull did not suffer major engine problems and AlphaTauri only had small issues with Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda. Despite those little problems, the Honda engine performs incredibly well, and it is helping Red Bull fight against Mercedes at every race.

“So far we have only had nine races and then we introduced the second power unit for three drivers from the French Grand Prix,” said Tanabe. “The PU works as expected in terms of performance and reliability, but again there have only been nine races completed.

“We have a long season from now, 

and we’ll keep watching and make a balance between performance and reliability. We will adapt the power unit usage if it is required.”

AlphaTauri as well enjoyed some good racing weekends, and it managed to bring home points for the constructors’ championship. However, despite the good signs that the engine gave so far, Tanabe is well aware that there are still many races before the end of the season. 

“I think it’s a great situation to have good performance and to have won six races out of the nine so far,” added Tanabe. “As a result, we are leading both the drivers’ and constructors’ championship, so it’s good.

“The overall package performance has been improved from a lot of hard work from last season and the off-season, and we haven’t stopped even after we started the season. So these efforts improved our performance and then we achieved the current performance.”

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