Alonso believes it is “good moment” for F1 in terms of young drivers

Fernando Alonso seen during the FIA Formula One World Championship 2021 in Spielberg, Austria on June 27, 2021 // Red Bull Content Pool.

The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso believes that the current time is a “good moment” for F1, in terms of the future of the sport, through its young drivers. The Spaniard praised George Russell and Lando Norris for their talent.

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Alonso revealed his uncertainty regarding Alpine’s performance, stating that he was less confident than he was at the Red Bull Ring. Alonso has been on a four-race points streak, something he hopes to continue.

“The new [F1 Sprint] format will bring some new implications in how you prepare the weekend, the practice – there’s only one practice before qualifying, so I don’t know if everything will be optimized. It’s the same for everybody, but we need to be sharp and we need to be flexible in this FP1,” Alonso admitted.

“It’s a different circuit [to the Red Bull Ring], very different circuit characteristics, so we are not maybe as confident as we were in Austria that the car will be performing at that level, but let’s wait and see.”

Alonso’s start with Alpine has brought out mixed results with the Spaniard struggling at the start of the season, being constantly outperformed by Ocon in a mediocre car, making his return to F1 a nightmare. Alonso compared it with his debut for Minardi in 2001, admitting that today’s drivers enter in a better position.

“I don’t know, I think it was in a way similar in the past as well,” Alonso added. “I think all the new generation, they have the talent, they have the preparation, they have their academies that help them throughout the different categories and now they have all the tools, the simulator, and very sophisticated engineers… They get very prepared when they get to Formula 1.”

Alonso concluded by talking about some possible similarities between the drivers of past and present, bringing up the likes of Norris and Russell, with whom he battled for points last weekend.

“We see with Lando [Norris] for example, or George [Russell], they’re both young, they’re both talented, one is fighting for podiums, and one didn’t score any points yet,” Alonso said. “And that’s a little bit unfair. And even with Charles [Leclerc], in a way we saw when the Ferrari was winning, Charles was on top of maybe that generation, and now maybe the car is not in that position. So it’s quite related to the car and it was in the past as well.

“It’s difficult to compare I think. We are definitely in a good moment for the sport.”

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