Frederic Vasseur has announced Alfa Romeo will have a free choice of drivers from 2022.

Since 2018, one seat in Alfa Romeo has been reserved for a Ferrari-chosen driver. In 2018, it was Charles Leclerc, since 2019 it has been Antonio GIovanazzi. In the new deal, that rule is gone, Alfa team boss Frederic Vasseur has confirmed.

“For sure the driver topic is a key point,” Vasseur said. “We will have a free choice of the driver in the future. But for sure the link with Ferrari means that we can easily discuss with them about their own pool of drivers.”

“We have Antonio, he is improving, he is doing a good job, and the target for me to keep this link with Ferrari. But we have a free choice, and let’s discuss with them.”

Alfa Romeo sits eighth in the title with two points ahead of this weekends British Grand Prix.

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