Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen said that he is looking forward to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone where the new F1 Sprint Qualifying system will be implemented for the first time. He also said that he is cautious about Mercedes upgrades.

Verstappen currently leads the Drivers’ Championship by 32 points over nearest rival Lewis Hamilton following back-to-back victories in Austria and before in France. Although he has won four of the last five races, Verstappen has admitted that he is not entirely sure how his Red Bull will perform at Silverstone, compared to Mercedes.

“At the moment, I think we first need to do a weekend like this and then we can properly judge everything,” Verstappen said. “For the race, you try to win it. It’s three extra points you can gain, so you definitely try to win it. Even though of course you know that Sunday is the most important race.”

Mercedes have announced that they will be bringing in upgrades for Silverstone, which many in the paddock believe will make Mercedes cars more competitive, and with the new qualifying format, many are unsure what could happen, including Verstappen himself.

“We know that Mercedes is bringing upgrades so we have to wait and see. At the moment I don’t really know,” Verstappen admitted, when asked about the matter.

“Also, with the format we have this weekend, it’s going to be a little bit different. Of course, I expect us to be competitive but difficult to say where we’ll end up, but I’m looking forward to it.”

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