Sainz admits “it will not be an easy weekend” with new weekend format

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari). Credits: Scuderia Ferrari on Twitter.

Carlos Sainz has admitted that preparing for the new weekend format was not easy, and the weekend will be hard to face. Plus, he said that he will not think too much about Sunday’s race at the start of the Sprint Qualifying.

Sainz pointed out that all drivers will take risks at the start of the short race on Saturday, meaning they will not think about their starting position on Sunday should they crash on the opening lap of the Sprint Qualifying.

“I think that during the Sprint Qualifying we will think very little about the first seven corners. I know the drivers, and we won’t think about Sunday’s race.”

Sainz added that he likes the new format, admitting that something new is always welcomed and it makes everything less boring.

“It will not be an easy weekend with this new format. Understanding the approach of the weekend has cost us a few weeks. I see it as a good thing since when you have a 23-race season like this year, everything becomes monotonous. This new format will bring freshness and allow us to work on the strategy.”

To conclude, Sainz also said that since Silverstone is quite similar to Paul Ricard, Ferrari could have the same problems with the tires. Therefore, the Scuderia expects to have a high degradation on the front tires. 

“We expect a high degradation in the front tires. We know that it could be a limitation for us, so the strategy will be crucial, we will have to do things perfectly from the beginning. The characteristics of Austria helped us to be stronger in the race, but I don’t think it will help us in qualifying at the sprint.

“Silverstone is a similar circuit to Paul Ricard, so we hope to suffer from the front tires in the race. The fact that we have two races will be an even greater challenge for us.”

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