Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez hopes that he will recover from disappointing Austrian GP at Silverstone.

The latest Formula 1 race at Red Bull Racing did not go as planned for Perez – he was pushed off the track by Lando Norris on lap 1 and then got two penalties for doing the same thing to Charles Leclerc. Ahead of the British GP, the Mexican explained his actions.

“With Lando, I saw the gap, I went for it, it didn’t work out the way I hoped it would. But I had to go for it, he would have [messed] up my race,” Perez said.

“In hindsight, if I had waited more probably I could have got him later and so on, so the result would have been a lot better.

“With Charles, it was a bit too close. I regret the first one, the first incident with him into turn four because we were just too hot with everything – brakes, tires. So I should have avoided touching with him on that first one. So that one was probably fair to get the penalty,” he added.

“But the second one there was not much I could do because I’m pushing and I lost the car in the middle of the corner and eventually the run-off finishes there. So it was a very bad race from my side.”

However, Perez has left that all behind and is ready to make amends.

“I have reset from it, taken the positives which was the pace in qualifying and also the pace in the race in free air and so on. I just hope this weekend we can have a much better one.”

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