Hamilton thinks British GP is “the most special race of the season”

2021 French Grand Prix, Saturday – Steve Etherington. Credits: Daimler.

Lewis Hamilton is excited to race at Silverstone in front of the British fans but is still wary given the ongoing pandemic.

Apart from the presence of the British fans, Silverstone holds another spectacle for the weekend – the new weekend format, which includes the F1 sprint race making its debut. Hamilton puts forward his eagerness to take part in the unconventional format for this weekend explaining that radical change is needed to increase the excitement through the race weekend.

“Anything different is going to be good and exciting for people. I’ve always said since I’ve been in Formula 1, it’s been the same for pretty much the same format for the Thursday to Sunday, every year in every race of the season.

“I was like ‘there’s got to be some sort of dynamic change, so people have something extra exciting for a weekend’, like a super weekend.”

The race at Silverstone is expected to witness the largest crowd gathering for a sporting event in the UK. Despite the growing anticipation for this weekend, Hamilton has spoken about his fears regarding the pandemic and the presence of fans at the event. He shared his nervousness for all the fans who will make an appearance but is aware of the protocols being followed during the weekend and hopes everyone will be safe.

“We talk about it every year, it’s probably the most special race of the season. One being it’s in the UK and then secondly, the crowd that we get. The British fans really do make for the greatest race. I’m also kind of its still part pandemic, so I’m a little bit nervous for people. But I heard it’s a tester so hopefully, we’ll get through it, and everyone will be safe.”

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