The top three in the sprint race for Formula 1 will get a unique laurel wreath and parade lap after the race has concluded.

This weekend marks the long-awaited debut of the sprint qualifying system for Formula 1. The event structure will have a qualifying session on Friday evening, a 100km sprint race on Saturday, which will then decide the grid for the Grand Prix on Sunday.

The post-race festivities have also been revealed, with Formula 1 going back to its roots by giving a laurel wreath to the top three, with a parade lap as part of the ceremony as well. Despite this, a podium finish will not be counted in the official F1 stats book, and neither will a win. For example, if Max Verstappen wins the sprint race, it will not be his 16th win, but his eighth pole position.

“F1 Sprint is a brand-new and exciting format, so we felt it was important to come up with a post-race moment that was equally special,” Event Director Alex Molina said.

“The moment recognizes the seven decades of history in the sport and combines it with a modern twist – very similar to the Sprint itself.”

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