Adrian Newey thinks that having both 2021 car development and 2022 regulations in mind is quite a difficult task.

Formula 1 is on the brink of revolutionary changes, which are set to be introduced in the 2022 season. However, the 2021 season is at its peak, so all the teams put their efforts to perform well this year. Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer Newey reveals that combining both aspects is not easy.

“It’s such a difficult juggling act in truth. The regulation change for next year is the biggest one I’d say since Venturi cars were banned at the end of 1982, so it’s a huge change and we’ve got to put the effort into that.

“But obviously we’ve got a chance at the title so we’ve got to keep pushing and it’s all about that juggling act.

“The others are pushing hard, we’re pushing, and we’re only just a third of the season, there’s such a long way to go,” he told Sky Sports F1.

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