Charles Leclerc reveals his perception of his relationship with Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari.

The Monegasque Leclerc had the opportunity to spend his first two years at Ferrari alongside the 4-time world champion Vettel. However, in 2021 he got a new teammate – Carlos Sainz. Leclerc compared his relationships with the German and the Spaniard.

“With Seb, it was a little bit of a different relationship. I saw him a little bit more like an older brother,” he said in the Beyond The Grid podcast.

“He had so much experience that it was different. It was not the same type of [off-track] competition that I had with Seb than what I’ve had with Carlos.

“With Carlos, we are more or less at the same age, we are so competitive with everything. Seb had more experience, so he was a little bit more… He was a bit less competitive with everything.

“If I wanted to win something, he will basically let me win this thing and I will be happy, and he wouldn’t care. With Carlos, it’s a little bit different. I can see he’s so, so p*ssed off if I’m beating him at anything. It can be the stupidest thing and he will be so angry, and same for me.”

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