Former F1 driver David Coulthard believes that Lewis Hamilton can still recover in the title battle waged with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, starting at the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

While Coulthard has admitted that no one can doubt Red Bull’s performance at this point, he thinks that Hamilton, who has not won since Spain, can still pull through, but only if he starts at Silverstone.

“In the past, Silverstone would have been a Mercedes shoe-in,” he told Channel 4. “But you see they have started to struggle in terms of straight-line speed relative to McLaren. Nobody can doubt the overall packaging of the Red Bull.”

Red Bull has won the last five rounds with Verstappen securing a hat-trick in the triple-header that has recently concluded. Hamilton is currently trailing by 32 points, making chances of another title slimmer after each Grand Prix.

“It’s a great start for Red Bull,” Coulthard admitted. “The consistency is there, they seem to have the packaging sorted out now, Honda has delivered the power.

“If anybody can pull it back though, Hamilton can. But he needs to start at Silverstone,” he concluded.

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