Ricciardo thinks debriefs contribute to McLaren’s success

Daniel Ricciardo at the Austrian GP. Credits: Reddit.

Daniel Ricciardo supposes that the way McLaren is working after race weekends makes the team so strong.

Nearly halfway through the season, it gets clear that McLaren is the third-best team on the grid thanks to consistent performances and a good car. However, the no.3 car driver Ricciardo sees another reason for success – good communication and debriefs.

“At McLaren, I was impressed from the very first minute by the care with which they work. There are more conversations, more briefings. They really tick off everything that needs to be ticked off,” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“That’s not to say that the other teams don’t do the same, but at McLaren, it’s all one step higher. Perhaps because they have made such good progress in recent years and they no longer want to jeopardize this positive trend.

“I get an answer to every question. Mostly immediately, but definitely a few days later. Every problem is investigated down to the last detail.”

The season itself is not going as well as Ricciardo has wanted. The Australian believes that getting used to the tires is among the biggest issues he faces this year.

“Pirelli changed the construction of the front tires and a few other things, and immediately everything felt very different. At first, I thought it had to do with the different aerodynamics of the cars,” he commented.

“But Lando himself says that the McLaren is harder to drive this year than last year. The funny thing about the tires is that in some laps it works quite well, you have maximum grip and drive good lap times and sometimes you don’t even know why.”

“Then suddenly it doesn’t work at all, even though you didn’t do anything else. That can be quite frustrating.”

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