Alpine has confirmed that Estaban Ocon will receive a new chassis for the upcoming British Grand Prix after a string of disappointing results which were inexplicable in nature. Marcin Budkowski, the team’s CEO,¬†announced this as part of major changes.

Ocon had a solid start to the season, consistently out-qualifying veteran Fernando Alonso. However, in recent Grands Prix, the Frenchman has suffered from poor form, even retiring from the Austrian Grand Prix early on.

“The team and I have worked very hard behind the scenes to see what we can do to improve our performance. I know that we will return to the performance from the beginning of the season and we will continue to work hard until we achieve it and much more. I am very motivated to achieve it. a good result this weekend,” Budkowski assured.

Budkowski said that he is confident that with these major changes, Ocon should be able to regain his rhythm and achieve expected results in due time. While the team is yet to definitively identify the problem, major changes are to be implemented.

“Esteban was very strong at the beginning of the season and qualified in the third row, so we are working together to make sure he returns and this weekend is the perfect opportunity to do that,” Budkowski added.

“Esteban had two difficult races in Austria and we are still investigating if there is any technical reason behind that. To eradicate any doubts, the team has made the decision to make major changes to his car for Silverstone, including a new chassis.”

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